The entrance of the town hall of Sarmede - Sarmede under a starry sky  - by Yòzef Wilkon

Sarmede is a small town at the foot of the Pre-Alps, in the province of Treviso. Along with the hamlets of Rugolo and Montaner it has 3.000 inhabitants. It is a few km far from the wonderful Cansiglio Forest. In ancient times, Venice got the wood for its ships from there.

Sarmede, the townhall where you can see the paintings printed here. 
All the pictures are drawn from the book “Luoghi di fiaba” (Fairy Tales Places), published by the Stepan Zavrel Foundation for the International Exhibition of Children Book Illustration

The entrance of the townhall of Sarmede – Montaner, a hamlet of Sarmede, in a magic bubble in the ultramarine blue of a sky which becomes starry on the ceiling – by Yòzef Wilkon



The International Exhibition of Children Book Illustration takes place every year in autumn.The "Fiere del Teatro" (the Theatre Happenings) take place on the second and third Sunday of October.

In June and July it is the centre of the traditional illustration courses organized by the Summer school "Stepan Zavřel".