Our names are Paola and Pippo. Paola is a teacher; Pippo used to be a teacher, but now he is retired. We have four cats and a lot of swallows under our roof from spring to autumn. We are glad to meet new people.

Sarmede, the townhall - A special musician: a rhino is playing his horn - by Yòsef Wilkon’
Sarmede, the townhall. On the door of the registry office - A special violinist is bewitching the insects of the meadow - by Yòsef  Wilkon’  


Our house is on a hill. Our address is Borgo Canalet 28, Montaner, which is a hamlet of Sarmede. Around the house there is a large garden with flowers and fruit trees, and a brook called Vespeda flowing downhill. Foxes, squirrels, badgers, blackbirds, woodpeckers, chaffinches are our neighbours. The nightingales sing at night.